Our Director

Growing up, Kylie had always known that she wanted to work with kids and that lead into becoming a teacher. She attended Winona State University where she received her Bachelor’s of Science Teaching Degree. She majored in Elementary Education with an Emphasis in Early Childhood and Special Education Learning Disabilities. While she was in school, she figured she would minor in Athletic Coaching as well! She worked at her University’s Children’s Center were she was able to have hands on experiences to help with her classes and grow as an Early Childhood Educator.

After graduating, Kylie joined the Seeds Family and started teaching right away. Kylie taught Preschool for a few years but then left when given the opportunity to long-term sub in Kindergarten at the school she student taught at. As a newer teacher, Kylie took a few more long-term subbing positions in Kindergarten, 2nd grade and even taught Special Education. Kylie was still missing something, and she missed her family, her Seeds family in particular. When she came back to Seeds to Seedlings, she took over the PreK classroom. She has been able to implement the skills she taught in her classrooms into the PreK classroom.

Teaching PreK brings Kylie so much joy and she just couldn’t give it up when she became the Director. She loves finding new things to introduce to the children, even if it silly doing so! She works very hard on the social emotional skills and just helping the children become better people in the world. She most definitely cries when they leave for Kindergarten.

seeds to seedlings director kylie