Because children do not develop at the same rate, the infant and toddler rooms provide a combination of individual and group activities. The daily schedule for infants and toddlers is based on the specific needs of each child, giving them the opportunity to learn at their own pace. The infant and toddler programs are introduced throughout the day as time and your child’s interest permits. A flexible daily schedule is posted in both rooms, with the toddler schedule introducing a more regular routine and more choices. Weekly activities are posted as well as notes to inform you of your child’s play and learning.

The child-to-staff ratio for infants is 1 staff to 4 children. 

Our Curriclum

Language Development

  • Grows language skills through music and books
  • Plants the seeds to express emotions and needs through babbling


  • Identifies some colors, shapes, and objects
  • Builds with toys


  • Develops senses through exploration of the world
  • Experiments with holding food
  • Understand cause-and-effect relationships

Social & Emotional Development

  • Grows soothing skills
  • Recognizes familiar faces
  • Engages in interactive play

Approaches to Learning

  • Focuses on objects
  • Engages in repetition

Physical Health & Development

  • Sprouts fine motor physical skills while grasping and reaching for objects
  • Develops large motor skills through rolling over, crawling, standing, and walking
infant in teachers arms


Parents are required to bring diapers, diapering products formula, bottles and training cups for infants/toddlers daily. All containers of formulas and diapering products must be in unopened, sealed containers. Bottles, pacifiers and training cups etc. will be labeled with first and last names. Please provide an extra change of clothing clearly labeled with the child’s name. This can be left at the center or taken home each evening. It is essential for safety that finger nails remain trimmed.