Our Curriclum

Language Development

  • Grows language development by communicating in sentences
  • Blossoms an understanding of letters and stories
  • Engages in singing and repetition


  • Increasing ability in counting
  • Can recognize numbers as quantities
  • Can recreate patterns


  • Explores the world with outdoor play
  • Grows a knowledge of object’s use
  • Predicts cause and effect

Social & Emotional Development

  • Participates in inventive learning and imaginative play
  • Grows independence and cooperation
  • Eager to help peers and teachers

Approaches to Learning

  • Begins to make choices
  • Imagines solutions to problems
  • Eager to participate

Physical Health & Development

  • Grows strength through play
  • Develops fine motor skills through writing, cutting, and art
  • Can name body parts
preschool girls stacking blocks