School Age

If your child is enrolled in a program which requires your child to ride the bus to and from the center, a Transportation Authorization must be completed and retained in the child’s file.

Our school age program at Seeds to Seedlings offers activities and scheduling to compliment the education a child is receiving at school. Although we cannot directly follow school programing, we can offer technology usage, cognitive development, manipulative and creative activities, time management, life skills, sports and recreation activities and events, relaxation and fun times with friends.

The child to staff ratio for school age is 1 staff to 15 children.

Our Curriclum

Language Development

  • Can recognize at least 10 letters
  • Explores literacy concepts
  • Increasing ability to write name and words


  • Participates in counting and writing numbers
  • Compares objects
  • Grows knowledge in measurement and building


  • Blossoms an understanding of investigations
  • Can make predictions
  • Explores, explains, and records information

Social & Emotional Development

  • Grows confidence
  • Can make compromises
  • Understands the community around them

Approaches to Learning

  • Strongly desires learning
  • Can concentrate
  • Looks for multiple solutions

Physical Health & Development

  • Develops large motor skills through running, throwing, catching, jumping, and balancing.
  • Grows fine motor skills with various writing tools
  • Engages in personal hygiene
4-5 year olds