Social-Emotional Devlopment

Seeds to Seedlings Child Development Center uses the following procedures and policies when nurturing children’s behavior. Seeds to Seedlings staff ensures that each child is provided with a positive model of acceptable behavior, while responding appropriately to their individual developmental needs.

  1. The Seeds to Seedlings standard for behaviors is creating a positive supportive relationship based of trust with each child in our
  2. Redirection is an important tool in behaviors. When redirection is not successful teach children how to use acceptable alternatives. Giving the children the choice on how they what to proceed (with teacher guidance).
  3. Teach children how to use acceptable alternatives to problem behavior to reduce
  4. Protect the safety of other children and
  5. Respecting the child’s feelings and helping them express strong feelings
  6. Allow children to make amends without requiring them to
  7. Engage children in cooperative problem